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Distribution Strategies & Tactics


The Super Guide about Distribution Strategies & Tactics is a complete guide on many different types of distribution strategies as well as the many different channels through which they are carried out.

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SUPER GUIDE: Distribution Strategies & Tactics

The Super Guide about Distribution Strategies & Tactics is a complete guide on many different types of distribution strategies as well as the many different channels through which they are carried out.

Table of content

  1. Introduction
  2. What’s Distribution?
    1. How Did Netflix End Up On Your Remote Control?
    2. Distribution As The Bridge Between Product And Marketing
    3. What Is The Importance Of Distribution?
    4. What Is Distribution Management?
    5. What Is E-Distribution?
    6. What Is Marketing Distribution?
  3. What Is A Distribution Strategy?
  4. Types Of Distribution Strategies
    1. Direct Distribution Strategy
    2. Indirect Distribution Strategy
    3. Exclusive Distribution Strategy
      1. Why Do Companies Opt For Exclusive Distribution?
      2. Exclusive Distribution Examples
      3. Advantages Of Exclusive Distribution
        1. Increases Sales And Profits
        2. Greater Attention
      4. Disadvantages Of Exclusive Distribution
        1. Increased Dependency
        2. Disputes Leading To Huge Losses
    4. Inclusive Distribution Strategy
      1. Why Do Companies Opt For Inclusive Distribution?
      2. Inclusive Distribution Examples
      3. Disadvantages Of Inclusive Distribution
        1. Limited Funding Opportunities
        2. Readapting Business Model
      4. How Can Technology Aid Inclusive Distribution?
    5. Intensive Distribution Strategy
      1. Why Do Companies Opt For An Intensive Distribution Strategy?
      2. Intensive Distribution Examples
      3. Advantages Of Intensive Distribution
        1. Boosts Revenue
        2. Encourages Impulse Buying
        3. Product Awareness
      4. Disadvantages Of Intensive Distribution
        1. Expensive
        2. Low-Price Margin
        3. Controlling Retailers
    6. Extensive Distribution Strategy
      1. Extensive Distribution Strategy
        1. Type Of Product
        2. Budget
        3. Middlemen
      2. Examples Of Extensive Distribution
      3. Advantages Of Extensive Distribution
        1. Wide Coverage
        2. Increased Product Awareness
      4. Disadvantages Of Extensive Distribution
        1. Requires More Effort
        2. Difficult To Control
    7. Selective Distribution Strategy
      1. Why Do Companies Opt For Selection Distribution Strategies?
      2. Selection Distribution Examples
      3. Advantages Of Selective Distribution
        1. Optimum Market Coverage
        2. Consumer Satisfaction
        3. Better Communication
      4. Disadvantages Of Selective Distribution
        1. Decreased Market Penetration
        2. This Can Lead To Costly Disputes
    8. Dual Distribution Strategy
    9. Reverse Distribution Strategy
  5. What Are Distribution Channels?
    1. Distribution Channel Vs. Supply Chain
    2. Traditional Distribution Channels Vs. Digital Distribution Channels
  6. Why A Distribution Channel Strategy Matters
  7. Types Of Distribution Channels
    1. Wholesale
    2. Retail
    3. Franchisor
    4. Distributor
  8. Examples Of Distribution Strategies
    1. A Toothpaste Company
    2. A Luxury Watch Brand
    3. A Neighborhood Lawn Care Business
  9. An Analysis Of Some Distribution Strategy
    1. Apple Distribution Strategy
      1. Apple’s Direct Distribution Strategy
      2. Apple’s Indirect Distribution Strategy
    2. Amazon Hybrid Distribution Model
      1. Amazon E-Commerce First-Party Business
      2. Amazon Third-Party Platform
      3. Amazon Aws
    3. The Components Of The Amazon Distribution Strategy
      1. Amazon Supply Chain: Warehousing
      2. Amazon Supply Chain: Delivery
      3. Amazon Supply Chain: Technology
      4. Amazon Supply Chain: Manufacturing
    4. Global Supply Chain By Amazon
    5. Coca-Cola’s Distribution Strategy
      1. Coca-Cola’s Short-Term Chain, Long-Term Franchise Model
    6. Tesla Distribution Strategy
      1. Tesla’s Direct-To-Consumer (D2c) Distribution Strategy
      2. Why Tesla’s Distribution Model Differs From Competitors
        1. Tesla’s Doing It Differently
        2. Tesla’s Approach
    7. Ethereum’s Distribution Flywheel
    8. B2b2c Distribution Strategy
  10. Benefits Of Establishing A Distribution Strategy
    1. Improving The Consumer Experience
    2. Increasing Customer Loyalty
    3. Reducing Costs
    4. Opening Up New Market Opportunities
    5. Increasing Sales
    6. Speed-Up Delivery
    7. Reduce Out-Of-Stocks
    8. Achieve Distribution
    9. Burnish A Brand Image
    10. Block A Competitor
  11. Distribution Management: Marketing Or Sales?
  12. Factors To Consider While Planning Your Distribution Strategy
    1. Product Type
      1. Routine
      2. Limited
      3. Extensive
    2. Location Of Business
    3. Location Of The Target Market
    4. Customer Base
    5. Warehouse
    6. Transportation Logistics
  13. How To Design A Distribution Strategy
    1. Analyze And Define Your Strategy
    2. Choose Your Distribution Channels And Agents
    3. Create Your Strategy
    4. Fix Mistakes
  14. What Are Some Technologies That Aid In Distribution?
    1. Automation
    2. Internet Of Things (Iot)
    3. Cloud-Based System
  15. Some Common Distribution Software Features
    1. Sales Order Management
    2. Crm
    3. Inventory Management
    4. E-Commerce
    5. Logistics Management
  16. Content Distribution Strategy
    1. Owned Content Distribution
    2. Earned Content Distribution
    3. Paid Content Distribution
      1. Pay-Per-Click (Ppc) Ads
      2. Sponsored Content
      3. Paid Influencer Content
      4. Paid Social Ads
  17. What Is A Content Distribution Strategy?
    1. What Is Social Media Content Distribution?
    2. Content Types For Distribution
      1. E-Books
      2. Podcasts And Interviews
      3. Videos
      4. Infographics
      5. Case Studies And Success Stories
      6. Webinars
      7. Blogs
    3. Content Distribution Channels
    4. Influencer Marketing
    5. Email Marketing
    6. Social Media (Organic)
    7. Guest Blogging
    8. Paid Distribution
    9. Internal/Employees
    10. Distribution Platforms
  18. Why Content Distribution Strategy Is Important
  19. How To Build A Content Distribution Strategy?
    1. Research Your Target Audience
    2. Audit Your Content
    3. Choose Your Content Distribution Channels
    4. Decide On Your Content Types
    5. Set Your Content Distribution Kpis And Goals
    6. Build An Editorial Calendar
    7. Create Your Content
    8. Distribute And Market Your Content
    9. Measure And Analyze Your Results
  20. Content Distribution Tools
    1. Hubspot
    2. Medium
    3. Pr Newswire
    4. Haro
    5. Clicktotweet
    6. Gaggleamp
    7. Addthis
    8. Mention
    9. Sharedcount
    10. Outbrain
    11. Wisestamp
  21. Should You Pay For Content Distribution?
    1. “Pay To Play” Is Nothing New
    2. Customers Like Having Things Delivered
    3. What Does Paid Content Distribution Look Like?
      1. Sponsored Content Within A Publication
      2. Facebook Sponsored Posts
      3. Twitter Engagement Tweets
      4. Linkedin Sponsored Update
      5. Outbrain
  22. Conclusion


Read an excerpt from this Distribution Strategies & Tactics Super Guide:

“The term “distribution strategy” refers to the plan that is used in order to make products and services available to the general populace. If you make it easy and quick for customers to purchase your goods and services, there is a greater chance that they will do business with you again in the future.

When deciding on a distribution strategy, firms take into consideration how much money and time they will save while still generating a reasonable return on their investment. It’s possible that, in order to accomplish your company’s aims and objectives, you’ll need to use distribution strategies that overlap. It’s likely, for instance, that a specific product may do better in online sales to one population, and in catalog sales to different demography.”

This is must-have knowledge for entrepreneurs and business model analysts, and consultants if you want to dominate business models, this super guide was made especially for you.

Distribution Strategies & Tactics Cover Distribution Strategies & Tactics Content Distribution Strategies & Tactics Content Distribution Strategies & Tactics Covers

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