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Decentralized Business Models


The Super Guide about Strategy Planning Tools and Models is a complete guide on how strategic planning is crucial for an organization to know where it is heading in the long run.

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SUPER GUIDE: Decentralized Business Models

The Super Guide about Decentralized Business Models is a complete guide to understanding the strength of P2P relationships and the competitive potential for businesses operating on decentralized power structures.

Table of content

  1. Introduction
  2. What Is Decentralization?
    1. Benefits Of Decentralization
      1. Quick Decision-Making
      2. Executive Development
      3. Development Of Managerial Skills
      4. Relieves Top Management
      5. Facilitates Growth
      6. Better Control
      7. Effective Communication
  3. What Is Centralization?
    1. Advantages Of Centralization
      1. A Clear Chain Of Command
      2. Focused Vision
      3. Reduced Costs
      4. Quick Implementation Of Decisions
      5. Improved Quality Of Work
    2. Disadvantages Of Centralization
      1. Bureaucratic Leadership
      2. Remote Control
      3. Delays In Work
      4. Lack Of Employee Loyalty
  4. Centralization And Decentralization
  5. History Of Decentralization In Business
  6. Decentralized Business Model
    1. Centralized Vs. Decentralized Business Models
    2. Centralized Vs Decentralized Manufacturing
      1. Centralized Manufacturing
      2. Decentralized Manufacturing
    3. Rise Of Decentralization 2.0
    4. How Decentralization Is Creating New Business Models
      1. The Rise Of The Sharing Economy
      2. Trust In A Decentralized Network
      3. Tokens And Cryptocurrencies
      4. Tokenizing The Transport Industry
    5. Major Business Models In Decentralized Finance
      1. Decentralized Currencies
      2. Decentralized Payment Services
      3. Decentralized Fundraising
      4. Decentralized Contracting
  7. Examples Of Decentralized Business
    1. Johnson And Johnson
    2. Eventbrite
  8. How Decentralized Business Works
  9. Decentralization And Blockchain
    1. Centralized Vs. Decentralized Blockchain Business Models
      1. Decision-Making/Governance Processes
      2. Revenue/ Financial Models
      3. Data Storage/Social Media
    2. Why Do We Need Blockchain Business Models?
  10. Should You Move To A Decentralized Business Model?
    1. What Causes The Failure Of Centralized Databases And Data Management Systems?
      1. Security
      2. Reliability
      3. Accessibility
      4. Data Transfer Costs
      5. Scalability
    2. Benefits Of The Decentralized And Distributed Databases
      1. What Potential Advantages Might A Decentralized Business Have?
      2. Societal Advantages Of Decentralized Models
        1. Trust
        2. Reliability And Sustainability
        3. Censorship
        4. Open Systems And Verified Owners
      3. Decentralization As A Game-Changer
        1. Self-Sovereign Identity
        2. Human Centric-Solutions
        3. Privacy By Design Model
        4. Web 3.0
    3. Challenges To Running A Decentralized Business
  11. Do Startups And Established Businesses Benefit From Decentralization?
  12. How To Build A Decentralized Organization
    1. Establish The Company Values
    2. Include All Employees
    3. Prioritize Training
    4. Develop A Culture Of Teamwork
    5. Encourage Growth
  13. Conclusion


Read an excerpt from this Decentralized Business Models Super Guide:

“Decentralization refers to a management style in which power and authority are distributed around an organization instead of being concentrated at the top. Middle and lower-level employees are left to make day-to-day decisions that affect them. This leaves company executives with more time to devote to  making important choices. In order to keep operations running smoothly, many companies have come to
consider decentralization a necessity. “

This is must-have knowledge for entrepreneurs and business model analysts, and consultants if you want to dominate business models, this super guide was made especially for you.

Decentralized Business Models Cover Decentralized Business Models Content Decentralized Business Models Content Decentralized Business Models Covers

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