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Company Mission Statements


The Super Guide about Company Mission Statements is a complete guide on how a well-defined mission statement is essential to any company, highlighting its core values, goals, and priorities.

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SUPER GUIDE: Company Mission Statements

The Super Guide about Company Mission Statements is a complete guide on how a well-defined mission statement is essential to any company, highlighting its core values, goals, and priorities.

Table of content

  1. Introduction
  2. What Is A Mission Statement?
  3. Vision Statement
  4. Mission Statement Vs. Vision Statement
    1. Nature Of Operations
    2. Target Market
    3. Means Of Executing Operations
    4. Hopes And Dreams
    5. Nature Of A Problem Being Solved
    6. Expected Deliverables/Changes
    7. Business Continuity
    8. Sustainability Of Operations/Going Concern
    9. Communication Of Purpose
    10. Inspiration
    11. Organizational Culture
    12. Governance
    13. Internationalization
    14. Stakeholders’ Returns
  5. What Are The Three Parts Of A Mission Statement?
    1. Brand Purpose
    2. Brand Values
    3. Brand Goals
  6. How Long Should A Mission Statement Be?
  7. Why Is A Mission Statement Important?
    1. Mission Statements Guide The Company Forward
    2. Mission Statements Focus Your Energy And Attention
    3. Mission Statements Spark New Ideas
    4. Mission Statements Shape The Company Culture
    5. Mission Statements Establish Consistency
    6. Provides A Powerful Message To The Public
    7. Drive Action
  8. Characteristics Of A Compelling Mission Statement
    1. They Are Short
    2. They Are Unique To Your Business
    3. They Create Expectations
    4. They Are Realistic
    5. They Are Memorable
    6. They Are Active
    7. They Are Positive
    8. They Are Adaptable
    9. They Are Targeted
  9. Best Mission Statement Examples
    1. Adidas
    2. Aldi
    3. Amazon
    4. American Red Cross
    5. American Express
    6. Apple
    7. Asana
    8. Buffer
    9. Coca-Cola
    10. Cisco Systems, Inc.
    11. Cradles To Crayons
    12. Comcast
    13. Exxonmobil
    14. Google
    15. Honest Tea
    16. Ibm
    17. Ikea
    18. Instacart
    19. Invisionapp
    20. Invisible Children
    21. Jetblue
    22. Life Is Good
    23. Lyft
    24. Linkedin
    25. L’oréal Group
    26. Microsoft
    27. Magic Spoon
    28. Mayo Clinic
    29. Nordstrom
    30. Netflix
    31. Nike
    32. Oracle
    33. Old Guys Rule
    34. Prezi
    35. Patagonia 52
    36. Paypal
    37. Rotary
    38. Red Bull
    39. Ride Rich
    40. Slack
    41. Starbucks
    42. Sweetgreen
    43. Southwest Airlines
    44. Samsung
    45. Tinypulse
    46. The Spoiled Mama
    47. Tesla
    48. Ted: Spread Ideas
    49. Udemy
    50. Uber
    51. Universal Health Services, Inc.
    52. U.S. Bank
    53. Vanguard Group
    54. Walmart
    55. Wework
    56. Warby Parker
    57. Workday
    58. Yeti
  10. Tips To Write A Perfect Mission Statement
    1. Be Brief
    2. Be Unique
    3. Know Your Target Audience
    4. Create Expectations
    5. Be Realistic
    6. Be Memorable
    7. Keep It Positive
    8. Use Active Verbs
    9. Make It Adaptable
    10. Use The Vips Method
      1. V – Value
      2. I – Inspiration
      3. P – Plausibility
      4. S – Specifics
  11. How To Write A Mission Statement
    1. Explain Your Company’s Product Or Service Offering
    2. Identify The Company’s Core Values
    3. Connect How Your Company’s Offering Aligns With Your Values
    4. Condense These Statements Into One
    5. Make Sure It’s Clear, Concise, And Free Of Fluff
  12. Common Mission Statement Mistakes To Avoid
    1. Leaving Little Space For Inspiration
    2. Lacking Personality And Fun
    3. Using Buzzwords And Jargon
  13. What To Do After Writing Mission Statement
  14. Conclusion


Read an excerpt from this Company Mission Statements Super Guide:

“A company’s mission statement is a brief and official expression of the goals and principles guiding the operations of the company. It outlines what the company wants to accomplish and acts as a guide for decision-making, illustrating the path the organization and its employees will follow. The mission statement is detailed, comprehensive, and memorable; it conveys the company’s one-of-a-kind
value to customers, employees, and other stakeholders. In addition, it reflects the company’s culture and identity and is connected with its aims and objectives.”


This is must-have knowledge for entrepreneurs and business model analysts and consultants. If you want to dominate business models this super guide was made especially for you.

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